How Raycast Became My Ultimate Sidekick ?

Hey there, productivity enthusiasts! Let me take you on a journey through the magical land of Raycast – an app that has completely revolutionized my workflow and made me wonder how I ever survived without it. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride filled with productivity hacks, time-saving tricks!

Snippets Magic:

Tired of typing the same thing over and over again? Say no more! With Raycast's snippet feature! Whether it's your lengthy email signature, those never-ending Unix commands, or the perfect code snippet you use in every component, Raycast has got your back. For all those developers who have made the right career move and are on Nuxt, I've also written an article on the subject 5 raycast snippets for Nuxt.

Tired of navigating through your 'Dev' folder every single time only to end up opening your portfolio with a 'code .' command? Well, fret no more! With Raycast's Quicklinks, you can open anything, anywhere, lightning-fast. No more unnecessary folder diving!

All my current projects can be opened directly in WebStorm from Raycast.

AI Wizardry:

Why bother with a dozen different AI services when Raycast brings the power of AI right to your fingertips? Translate text, summarize articles, generate ideas based on what you're reading, squash bugs in your code – you name it, Raycast's got it covered.

I personally set the "Fix spelling and grammar" to the shortcut ⌥ ⌥ to never make spelling mistakes again.

I also use a lot my custom AI Command "Refacto" to make my code simpler and more maintainable. I simply select my code and run the command, then click on enter once the ia has finished its work and my new, clean, optimized code automatically replaces the old one. But also "Type to fake data" to generate fake data to test my api directly by selecting a type or interface! I made a tweet about it -> 🔥 Easy fake data

Infinite Clipboard:

Ever wish you could retrieve something you copied ages ago? With Raycast's Infinite Clipboard, you'll never lose your clipboard again. It's like having a photographic memory for your clipboard!

✨The✨ Emoji Picker:

Say goodbye to boring emoji selectors and hello to the emoji matrix of your dreams! With Raycast's emoji picker, you can express yourself in style faster than you can say "😎💻🚀." Whether you're feeling 😂 or 😡, there's an emoji for every occasion – and finding them has never been easier or more fun!

Extensions, one shortcut to rule them all:

Who needs a gazillion different apps cluttering up their system when Raycast's got a whole arsenal of extensions ready to go? Raycast's extensions are like Swiss Army knives for your workflow – They do it all: from creating tickets to generating Lorem Ipsum text, to fixing all your CORS errors. Okay, maybe not the last one, but who knows, maybe in the future, Raycast teams seem to work magic with every update.

Here is a "small" list of my favorite extensions and their installer links:

  • Linear: Manage projects, create tickets, and stay on top of your to-do list with ease. Install Here
  • GitHub: Create branches, manage pull requests, and navigate repositories seamlessly. Install here
  • Shorten URLs instantly with Simplify sharing and keep your messages clean and concise. Install here
  • Arc Search: Explore the web with Arc Search. Conduct searches directly through the Arc browser for quick and efficient browsing. I use the ⌘⌘ shortcut to quickly open arc search with my latest opened tabs. Install Here
  • Turn code into images with Showcase your code snippets visually and add flair to your projects. Install Here
  • Word Count: Track document lengths with Word Count. Keep tabs on word counts for essays, reports, and more. Install Here
  • Lorem Ipsum: Generate placeholder text with Lorem Ipsum. Perfect for design mockups and content placeholders. Install Here
  • Floating Notes: Capture your ideas on the fly with the Floating Notes extension. Whether you're brainstorming or jotting down a quick reminder, this tool has got your back. (Built-in)
  • Node version Manager: Manage Node.js versions with Node Version Manager. Switch between versions seamlessly. Install Here
  • Say goodbye to pesky backgrounds with the Background Remover extension. Clean up your images and let your subjects shine. Install Here
  • ScreenOCR: Extract text from images with ScreenOCR. Convert images to editable text quickly. Install Here
  • Vercel: Manage deployments effortlessly and keep an eye on them. Install Here
  • Lucide / Heroicons: Find icons with Lucide and Heroicons. Perfect for web and app design. Install Lucide Here / Install Heroicons Here
  • Summarize Youtube Videos: Get video summaries with Summarize Youtube Videos. Install Here
  • Kill Process: Say goodbye to frozen programs Install Here

So there you have it, folks! Raycast isn't just an app – it's a productivity powerhouse that will change the way you work forever. Whether you're a developer, designer, or just someone who wants to get stuff done faster, Raycast has something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Trust me, your productivity levels will thank you later!

And to help you make the most of Raycast AI and take your experience to the next level, here are some links for you to enjoy a free month trial !

The article is all set! Let's celebrate your new workflow. If you already have Raycast, click here to wrap things up on a positive note!

Make it pop !

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